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Learning Italian with us, native speakers in Italy, is pleasant, fast and effective.

Business Opportunities: Italy is known worldwide for its art, design and cuisine. Knowing Italian can enhance career prospects and business opportunities, especially in industries such as interior design, fashion and food.

Deep Cultural Experience: Italian rich culture and delicious cuisine have always been worldwide excellences. If you love music, architecture, fashion and arts, then Italian is the language to know!

A beautiful language: many people consider Italian as the most beautiful language in the world. Charles Nodier, a French Romantic thinker, thought Italian rolled “like the rushing of a waterfall and the trembling of olive trees.”

Ten Reasons

From Dianne Hales’ book “La Bella Lingua”, here you are 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Italian language:

  1. Italian is “beautiful, fun and sexy”
  2. No other language is more romantic
  3. Everything sounds better in Italian
  4. You can use your hands—a lot!
  5. So many ways to say “I Love You”!!!
  6. If you love Italy, you will love learning about its language
  7. You can immerse yourself in an Italian masterpiece
  8. Speaking Italian may be the closest many of you get to singing
  9. Italian may be our universal mother tongue
  10. You’re never too young—or too old—to learn Italian

Are you curious of that? So, then, come to us at Lingua Più!

The Courses

We at Lingua Più offer courses for all levels and ages.
We offer courses for all purposes, all levels and needs. CELI exams are available on site.


All levels and all ages.
Book your now your course of Italian for foreigners with Laura, Roberta or Leonardo, your expert Italian native teachers. You can meet personally your teacher, if you wish to have a further full immersion course in Italy at Lingua Più.
Lessons live via Skype in INDIVIDUAL modality.
Additional exercises and works in eLearning, to do in accordance with your time, pace and needs.
Only certified teachers with more than 10 year of teaching.
Tailored courses for time and frequency.
Learn or improve your Italian, the most beautiful language in the world!
For further information: info@linguapiu.eu


Extra Activities

During your course, you can take part in many activities to practice the language and make new friends. So, come to us and enjoy Vintage Vespa tours, in the rear seat of a charming Vespa, truffle hunting, cooking courses and cook demonstrations, to make new Italian friends, and many others.
All those activities will make your stay an esclusive language/culture/tourism experience.
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Umbria and Tuscany

For our students we organize guided tours of our amazing Upper Tiber Valley, but not only. With your stay in Città di Castello you will take advantage of its geographical position: in the north Umbria, on the border with Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Marche. For this reason, it is easy for us to organize tours to visit the most beautiful towns and places not far from us: Sansepolcro, Arezzo, Firenze, Bagno di Romagna, Rimini, Ravenna, Ancona, are just few examples of places you can visit with us.

With an Italian native speaker
you will visit all the treasures that are hidden for mass tourism.

We are an Official Training Centre
recognized by the Italian Authority


Lingua Più

Our training centre has been working in Città di Castello since 1998.
We offer courses on the main European and worldwide languages, for adults, children and companies, at all levels and suitable for all ages.
We are an Official Training Centre, recognized by the Italian Authority and all certificates we issue can also be ratified by Umbria Region.
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The Montessori Method

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) is an Italian educator famous all over the world.
Città di Castello (Italy) has a strong connection with this Italian educationalist and her revolutionary studies, because in Città di Castello she founded her first primary schools and piloted the method.

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Taste and Slow Italy

Read more, tour operator Taste and Slow Italy
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